Integrated terminals


Integrated PoS Terminals

iVeri offers two solutions for merchants requiring integrated payment sys­tems.


For Large Multi Lane Integration of Payments

iVeri Enterprise is a solution for large retailers who need to integrate card payment Into the core of their checkout systems. Using iVeri Npay, iVeri Enterprise provides for a full integration of the PoS Terminals to process cards. This solution provides businesses with the ultimate control to manage their card processing requirements.

Developers have a choice between .Net and Java versions of iVeri Enterprise this allows them to work in the environment of their choice. The iVeri Enterprise APIincludes functions to perform authorizations and settlements as well as to specify line item details in the case of procurement transactions.

Database storage, formatting and developing is entirely at the discretion of the developer.

Merchant Target Markets

  • Large Multi Lane Retailer:

Key Benefit:

  • Merchants can integrate the payment solution into the core of their checkout systems
  • Seamless process at checkout
  • Merchant is In complete control of the payment process


IndiGo is designed to centrally manage transactions across a complex payment architecture, including PoS terminals and/or kiosks which maybe on different hardware.

The PoS terminals are connected to the PCs, or in the case of kiosks, they are embedded in the Kiosk. These are then connected to the IndiGo server using the IP network (Local Area Network, WiFi, etc) of the merchant.

The IndiGo server, in turn, is connected to the merchant’s internet provider. IndiGo leverages off the existing network infrastructure of the merchant. Allowing transactions to flow to the bank via this network as opposed to dedicated communications for each terminal is a major cost benefit to the merchant.

Once Installed,IndiGo enables a full transaction application suite for credit and debit, as a well as life­cycle management system for refunds.

BackOffice on IndiGo gives a consolidated view of the transactions taking place on all the lanes/terminals. In­depth real time reporting by lane, by PoS terminal and the user enables seamless management of transactions. Reconciliation flies, If supplied by the bank, are also available in BackOffice for the merchant.

IndiGo’s features address the challenges and costs faced by multi­lane merchants in several market segments including access and parking, self­service kiosks and hotels.