Ideal for merchants who process low volumes of transactions or require mobility. These products can be used to cost effectively penetrate the low transaction volume merchant segment that has been unprofitable using traditional card processing.


The iVeri Payment Gateway offers three flexible products for merchants who wish to accept payment from customers where the customer initiates the card payment.

Payment Request

iVeri’s “Payment Request” products enable a merchant to prompt a remote customer for payment on a regular or ad hoc basis. The merchant is able to send either one or multiple emails to customers at the same time.


iVeri’s Batched payment solution provides a simple yet highly reliable and efficient way to collect payments from a number of card holders on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Stand Alone PoS

iVeri supports a range of options for merchants who require a solution at their checkouts. These solutions could leverage an existing PC, connecting a standalone PoS Terminal or manage a multi-lane PoS terminal configuration. The iVeri Gateway also provides multiple- channel PoS terminal management of a deployed estate.

Multi-Lane PoS

This is a solution for businesses that need the flexibility to integrate and customise a transaction processing engine to their own unique business requirements. The solution provides businesses with the ultimate control to manage their card processing.